How to …

How to… Get Started with  myBlueprint
You will be using myBlueprint from grades 9-11 for all of your Career Education courses.

How to… Verify My Email
This takes maybe 2 minutes, but if you don’t verify your email, myBlueprint will eventually lock you out!

How to… View Notifications
Because this is primarily an online class, it’s important for you to regularly sign in and read the notifications your teacher is sending you! These include important deadlines and assignment instructions!

How to… Link My Account to Others
It’s important to the Abbotsford School District that your parent/guardian has access to the work you are completing in school including the work in myBlueprint.  These instructions will help you link your myBlueprint to your parent/guardian AND to your Homeroom Teacher!

How to…Share a Google Doc to myBlueprint
myBlueprint does not include a text editor and does include a word count limit on each activity.  A good alternative would be to link to a properly formatted Google Doc.  These instructions will help you change your SHARE settings to allow your teachers to access your doc from myBlueprint!