Inquiry Inspiration – Social Media

You can find inquiry inspiration everywhere you look or, in this case, LISTEN!

Like this morning when I was listening to CBC Radio’s program q with Tom Power and the online panel was discussing the topic

“Was 2018  the year of social media reckoning?”

Was it? Why or why not? What does social reckoning even mean?   How is the social media landscape changing?  Why?  What will be the impact on users? How are users driving these changes?  What does advertising have to do with it?

Of course, whenever I think about social media, I start thinking about PRIVACY.  What is happening to the data that different platforms are collecting?  What do they use it for? Do they sell it? Give it away? Study it? For what purpose?  How much of it? What is the link between our data and the content that we see or is pushed to us or selected for us?  How does this affect our knowledge base, our perceptions of the world, or our spending habits?  How can a user protect themselves from being influenced by these algorithms or from online trolls or predators?  What is a troll? Where do they come from? Who are they? Why do they do what they do?

Speaking of trolls and online negativity, how is self worth linked to how many followers a user has or how many likes their post gets? WHY is a person’s self worth linked to these things?  When did this happen?  What is the link to mental health? How is this changing how we act? communicate with others? Why do people pull posts down that don’t get “enough” likes?  What is “enough”? At what point is a person considered addicted to social media?  How much screen time is too much?  How does this vary by age?  What are the benefits of screen time for a child? a teen? Consequences? What are the links between screen time and brain development?  What does this mean for coming generations?  How is screen time affecting teen sleep patterns? How does that impact their waking hours?

And don’t get me started on cyber bullying.  What kind of person does that? Why? What are they getting out of it?  What are the consequences for them? for their victims?

I could go on all day!  With a little research, I could narrow this list down to one wondering that I think I could tackle in my inquiry project, and with a little help from my mentor, I could finesse my wondering into a proper Essential/Driving Question!

All of this from one little 28 minute discussion on a radio program I was listening to by accident while driving my car to work.

Where are you going to find YOUR inspiration?



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